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Berlin, 11 May 2022 – Felix Reda, control © project lead at the Society
for Civil Rights and former MEP, comments on the draft regulation on
chat control presented today by the European Commission:

“The EU Commission is laying the axe to fundamental rights with its chat control proposal. According to the draft regulation, authorities can oblige messaging services and hosting providers to use error-prone upload filters to automatically detect even unknown depictions of child abuse or grooming attempts, report them to the authorities and block them. There is no technology that can reliably detect those materials without countless false positives.Once the integrity of messenger communications is undermined – whether by backdoors in end-to-end encryption or by the screening of messages on users’ devices – no one can rely on the confidentiality of their conversations any longer. There are no backdoors that can only be used for the noble goal of protecting children. Journalists, lawyers, whistleblowers and all others who rely on confidential communication will be exposed to considerable risks through chat control, which cannot be justified in light of fundamental rights.”

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