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Even stronger together: the GFF's international network

By networking and cooperating with like-minded organisations, the GFF creates synergies and unites existing major civil societies initiatives across different countries.

In addition to its work as a national anti-discrimination association, the GFF cooperates with organisations internationally, for example the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), both of which have long used strategic litigation to protect fundamental and human rights in the US.

The GFF’s European partner organisations include:

You all supported us in a variety of ways in setting up the GFF - thank you!

Starting in September 2021, the GFF has joined forces with AlgorithmWatch, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Reporters Without Borders and Wikimedia Germany to form the F5 alliance. The cooperation’s aim is to promote a fresh start in digital politics (F5) in order to align digitalisation with the interests of the people in Germany and Europe. We believe that in the future, the emphasis should be on the common good, instead of the government’s interests and the revenue of tech companies being used as a yardstick.


The GFF has been a full member of European Digital Rights (EDRi) since April 2019. EDRi is an international association of around 50 civil rights organisations that focus on civil rights in the digital space.

The GFF is a member of the alliance "Rechtssicherheit für politische Willensbildung". The alliance demands that civil society organisations involved in political education and political debates be guaranteed non-profit status. The alliance currently consists of over 120 associations and foundations.

The GFF has been a member of Forum Menschenrechte since January 2021. Forum Menschenrechte is a network of over 50 German non-governmental organizations that are committed to the protection of human rights.

GFF is an associate member of CLEU/Liberties.

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