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The GFF uses strategic litigation to defend our civil liberties in Germany and Europe. Help us uphold the rule of law!

The Society for Civil Rights is strong because many people stand behind it.

Your membership helps fund our litigation and the costs of a lean, efficient organization. We do not accept any funding from public authorities in order to maintain our independence. That is why we need the financial support of our supporting members and donors.

You are free to choose your membership contribution – from 90 euros a year, you will be part of our community. For people in education (pupils, students, trainees, people in the Federal Volunteer Service or similar) the minimum membership contribution is 36 euros per year.

As a member, you make an invaluable contribution to our work. Thanks to your constant support, you enable us to make longer-term financial decisions. We keep our supporting members informed on the latest news about our work via our exclusive members' newsletter.

We would appreciate it if you made your contribution by direct debit if possible, since this keeps our administrative costs low. However, you may of course also transfer your contribution yourself or via Paypal.

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  • Long-term support of our strategic litigation promoting fundamental and human rights.
  • Regular newsletter with current information on cases, publications and news from the team.
  • Invitations to press conferences, panel discussions and other events.
  • A permanent contact person for your questions, feedback, ideas or criticism.
  • Your membership fee is tax deductible as a donation.
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