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The GFF organizes conferences, expert talks and panel discussions, which help to shed light on specific topics of our work in collaboration with our partners and our network.

We regularly present our work at events upon invitations or requests, for example with talks or information stands.

Upcoming events

  • Save the Date 23 May 2022: Conference on 09/11 in cooperation with the German Federal Centre for Political Education and Verfassungsblog

On 23 May 2022, in cooperation with the German Federal Centre for Political Education and Verfassungsblog, we are organising a conference at the intersection of constitutional law and politics on the occasion of the anniversary of the Basic Law. We are going on a constitutional search for traces of 09/11. Which degrees of freedom did this event shift and how? What does it mean for equality and equal rights? And what challenges does it pose for the modern constitutional state? Together with speakers from all over the world, we want to get to the bottom of its origins, consequences and the fight against terrorism in feminist, anti-racist, geopolitical and constitutional terms.


9 December 2021: If you don't pay for the product, are you the product? A panel discussion on the commercialisation of open science

A central goal of Open Science is to promote transparency in the production and sharing of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. It is based on the understanding that knowledge production should be transparent, open and collaborative in order to improve the quality of research. In particular, Open Access advocates the principle that everything that is publicly funded must be accessible to the public. This claim is supposed to contradict the commercialisation of science. But is it true? In this panel discussion, the achievements of the Open Research movement will be critically reflected upon. Joining us is our copyright expert Felix Reda. He leads the GFF project control ©. You can find the recording (in German) here.

29 September 2021: F5 - Digital after the election. What's next for public good-oriented digitalisation?

As the F5 alliance, we, AlgorithmWatch, the Society for Civil Rights, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Reporters Without Borders and Wikimedia Germany, have joined forces to promote and advocate for the concerns, ideas and demands of digital civil society in Germany. As F5, we invite you to our first joint online panel: "Digital after the election: What are the parties doing for a common good-oriented digitalisation? You can find the recording (in German) here.

16 June 2021: The secret service as a hacker: State trojan horses for the Verfassungsschutz

After the police authorities, the secret services are now also to be given the power to hack into computers and smartphones in order to read communications. Our lawyer David Werdermann explains why the use of state trojan horses by the Verfassungsschutz (German Federal Domestic Intelligence Service) not only endangers privacy, but also IT security. You can find the recording (in German) here.

31 May 2021: Human rights as a compass in and out of the Covid 19 crisis. An event organised by Amnesty International, Bread for the World, DIMR, ECCHR and the Society for Freedom Rights

The management of the Covid 19 pandemic has a major human rights dimension: in addition to the protection of life and the right to health, other fundamental and human rights are directly or indirectly affected by the impact of the pandemic. The measures taken to combat the pandemic raise a number of constitutional issues. They affect vulnerable groups particularly severely. And: The pandemic presents us with major international challenges. You can find the recording (in German) here.

22 May 2021: Constitutional Salon: Men and women are equal!

"Men and women have equal rights" has been written in the Basic Law since 1949; a hard-won guarantee. Formally, almost all unequal treatment has been eliminated, but the actual implementation and the elimination of existing disadvantages is still a problem. For example, women still earn less than men, and they are often confronted with devaluation, insults and violence in the public sphere, especially online. Katharina Barley and Nora Markard discuss the status of equality and current legislative plans at German and EU level, using the example of pay discrimination and hate speech. You can find the recording (in German) here.

17 May 2021: The role of the Verfassungsschutz in the withdrawal of non-profit status

What role does the Verfassungsschutz (German Federal Domestic Intelligence Service) play in the withdrawal of non-profit status and what does the withdrawal mean for associations? This is discussed by our lawyer Vivian Kube at an online event of the Hamburg Left parliamentary group with the federal chairperson of the VVN-BDA Cornelia Kerth and Armin Grambart-Mertens from MASCH - Forum for Politics and Culture. You can find the recording (in German) here.

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