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Bank transfer - of course you can support us by bank transfer

Of course you can support us by bank transfer via a single donation or a standing order. Please pay your contribution into the GFF donation account:

Account holder Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte e.V.
IBAN DE88 4306 0967 1182 9121 00

Bitcoin - via transaction directly into the GFF's wallet

Our wallet for bitcoin donations: 1MsfHVd4C3dov1bB1Dabjz9bwGrgCiQf86

Note: Due to the high amount of energy required to generate and transfer Bitcoins, they are not unproblematic from an ecological perspective. We therefore kindly request our donors to use other means of payment as far as possible. Thank you very much!

Paypal - also useful, but subject to extra fees payable by the GFF

Here you can make a Paypal transfer with just a few clicks.


Regardless of how you have donated, please send us your contact details here so that we can provide a donation receipt.

If you pay taxes in Germany, the tax office will accept your transfer statement up to a donation of 300 Euro for tax deduction purposes. However, you will still receive an annual donation confirmation. In order to keep our administrative costs low, you will receive the annual donation confirmation in the first quarter of the following year (provided we have your current address). If you prefer receiving your receipt earlier, we will of course provide you with individual donation confirmations after we have received your donation. Just contact us. For donations above 300 Euro, we will provide you with a donation receipt within a few days of receiving your donation.


The Society for Civil Rights is strong because many people stand behind it.

Your membership helps fund our litigation and the costs of a lean, efficient organization. We do not accept any funding from public authorities in order to maintain our independence. That is why we need the financial support of our supporting members and donors.

You are free to choose your membership contribution – starting at 90 Euro per year, you will be part of our community. For people in education (pupils, students, trainees, people in the Federal Volunteer Service or similar) the minimum membership contribution is 36 Euro per year.

As a member, you make an invaluable contribution to our work. Thanks to your constant support, you enable us to make longer-term financial decisions. We keep our supporting members informed on the latest news about our work via our exclusive members' newsletter.

Your contribution helps protect our invaluable liberties: Support the work of the GFF as a supporting member.

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