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Bijan Moini

Bijan Moini

Head of Legal

"The Basic Law primarily protects minorities. But we all belong to one - whether soccer fans or female cyclists, Hartz IV recipients or the sick. That's why the protection of civil liberties concerns everyone."

Bijan Moini was born in 1984 and studied law and political science in Munich and Paris. He then received his doctorate in law with a thesis on the admissibility of an Internet pillory for sex offenders, supervised by the former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Hans-Jürgen Papier.

After completing his legal clerkship in Berlin and Hong Kong, he worked for three years as a lawyer in a Berlin business law firm. There, Moini helped establish the firm's pro bono asylum law practice. He began supporting the GFF on a voluntary basis in May 2017. Since March 2018 he has been employed by it as an in-house lawyer and since the fall of 2021 he has been leading its growing legal team.

In addition to law, he has another passion: Bijan has written "The Cube," a novel on the topic of artificial intelligence, which was published by Atrium Verlag in March 2019 and won several awards. In January 2020, also published by Atrium Verlag, his second book "Save Freedom! A Wake-Up Call in the Digital Age." This was followed in September 2021 by Hoffmann und Campe's "Our fine Law. What's behind the laws." Moini is a board member of the "Jeder Mensch e.V." foundation initiated by Ferdinand von Schirach and a member of the Media Council of the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg; both are honorary positions. He publishes regularly online and in print media.


  • Relationship between freedom and security (using the powers of the police and intelligence services as an example)
  • Data protection
  • Law and algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
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