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Boris Burghardt Portrait

Boris Burghardt

Board Member

"The constant call for harsher punishments and more bans is an expression of political helplessness and merely feigns the ability to act. The task of responsible politics in a liberal and democratic society is to explain again and again why such supposedly simple solutions lead astray."

Prof. Dr. Boris Burghardt is a member of the GFF board and professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Philosophy of Law and Contemporary Legal History at the Philipps University of Marburg. He studied law in Vienna, Berlin and Salamanca. After working as a research assistant for many years, he completed his habilitation under Prof. Dr. Gerhard Werle at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His research focuses on German and international criminal law, especially international criminal law, as well as on the philosophy of law and contemporary legal history. As a visiting scholar, he has taught and conducted research in Paris, Cape Town, and Rome, among other places. In addition to his work for the Society for Civil Rights, he has collaborated for many years with the European Center for Human and Constitutional Rights, is active in the Forum Justice History, is a long-standing member of the Working Group on International Criminal Law, and has been a fan of Werder Bremen for as long as he can remember.


  • German criminal law and criminal procedure
  • International criminal law (including the European arrest warrant)
  • International criminal law and international criminal courts (including the International Criminal Court)
  • Criminal law reappraisal of National Socialist crimes
  • Significance of criminal law in the security society
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