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Non-profit organizations against right-wing extremism

GFF and Campact support organizations that could lose or have already lost their non-profit status due to their work against right-wing extremism. Affected organizations can contact GFF to determine whether support is possible. We then put them in touch with specialized law firms. Campact covers the legal fees and court costs from a fund set up for this purpose.

Non-profit law sets strict limits on the political activities of non-profit organizations. In the past, organizations were repeatedly stripped of their non-profit status because they were politically active. This has led to great uncertainty as to whether and how organizations can engage in political activities.

Campaigning against right-wing extremism is a charitable cause

A recent survey by ZiviZ shows that around 30,000 organizations are less politically active for fear of losing their non-profit status. Right-wing extremists are deliberately fuelling this uncertainty by reporting non-profit organizations that are politically active against right-wing extremism to the tax authorities. Especially in the election year 2024, it is important that civil society can take a decisive stance against right-wing extremism and anti-constitutional parties. A critical and active civil society is essential in the fight against right-wing extremism. We are convinced that this is possible in many cases under current non-profit law. Together with Campact, we offer support for non-profit organizations so that civil society can play an active role in our democracy.

Support by GFF and Campact

Organizations that are at risk of losing their non-profit status can contact the GFF at gemeinnuetzig-gegen-rechts@freiheitsrechte.org. The service is aimed at organizations whose non-profit status is at risk due to their commitment to combating right-wing extremism. Organizations can contact us if their non-profit status is about to be revoked or has already been revoked. We check all incoming requests. If funding is possible, the costs of the proceedings can be fully covered by Campact.

Workshops on non-profit status

In addition, the GFF regularly offers (digital) workshops for non-profit organizations that deal with the topic of non-profit status and engagement against right-wing extremism. The dates for these workshops are published here. Registration is possible via gemeinnuetzig-gegen-rechts@freiheitsrechte.org.

The GFF has been campaigning for a reform of non-profit law for several years. Among other things, we have presented a draft bill for a modern non-profit law.

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